一、基本语法 (共16题每题0.5分共8分)


1. As _________ European country Britain is now facing such a great challenge: How can it leave the European Union gracefully without hurting the interests of its citizens.

2. At first sight you may feel my boss is hard _________(approach). In fact he is very kind and considerate.

3. As scheduled many movies will _________(show) in the cinema during the coming national holiday including some hit movies made overseas.

4. The new training center opened last week will serve as the baxxxxse_________ new teachers get trainedand improve their teaching skills.

5. When choosing a new job the first thing _________you should consider is whether it can provide you with an opportunity to promote your personal growth in your future career.

6. After _________seemed to be an endless waiting the pop star appeared on the stage just before the fans lost their last patience.

7. The two passengers_________ is reported in today's Daily Mail were rushed to the nearest local hospital soon after the accident yesterday and are now out of danger.

8. The freezing weather in the area is often unbearable. The locals unless_________ (cover)in thick coat can hardly go out of their houses when winter comes.

9. Look the book is still on the desk in his study. He _________(forget) to return it to the school library this morning.

10. _________successful the TV drama is! Some critics say that some plots in All Is Well are too unrealistic even though it has touched the pain point of Chinese families in supporting the aged parents.

11. Several high technology companies have begun to set up branches or research centers in the city in recent years_________ (attract)a large number of people with overseas backgrounds to work here.

12. Those_________ (engage) in conflict resolution frequently assume that most conflicts rest on misunderstandings and that better forms of communication will allow people to live in harmony.

13. In any unsafe situation simply_________ (press) the button and a highly trained agent will show up and give you whatever help you need

14. More efforts as the head of the research group says _________(make) in the years ahead to promote the reform of supply-side structures.

15. It is generally acknowledged that too much exposure to the Internet or smart phones before going to bed is often bad for both adults and young kids which makes _________hard for them to calm down and fall asleep.

16. _________(work)out regularly is a good way for people to stay healthy and energetic which will help us work more efficiently.


Edinburgh is the world's festival city There are twelve festivals throughout the year half of

which are Celebrated during the months of July and August. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Scottish capital during the summer Here are some of the events they can enjoy.

The Edinburgh International Festival

This is the original Edinburgh festival which began in 1947. Actors musicians dancers and opera singers from all over the world perform to huge audiences. You need tickets for events which take place in theatres around the city.

The Edinburgh Art Festival

This festival is modern and has been celebrated for around ten years. It is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the city’s best visual art in art galleries and museums. Most events are free and include events such as fashion shows and art exhibitions.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

The largest book festival in the world began in 1983 and takes place every year in Charlotte Square Gardens in the centre of Edinburgh. There are over 700 events for children and adults who love books. You can meet many authors talk to them ask them to sign a book or listen to them talk about their stories. Children can listen to stories and watch illustrators draw pictures of the stories.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

rgest book festival in the world began in 1983 and takes place every year in Charlotte Square Gardens in the centre of Edinburgh. There are over 700 events for children and adults who love books. You can meet many authors talk to them ask them to sign a book or listen to them talk about their stories. Children can listen to stories and watch illustrators draw pictures of the stories.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

This show is 65 years old and takes place every evening during the festival outside Edinburgh Castle. You can listen to pipers and drummers in military bands watch traditional Scottish dancing and enjoy a firework display in the Edinburgh night sky. More than 200000 people watch the show live and around 100 million people watch it on TV all over the world.

21. Which festival do visitors have to pay for?

A. The Edinburgh Art Festival.

B. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

C. The Edinburgh International Festival.
D. The Edinburgh International Book Festival.

22. Unlike the other festivals the Edinburgh Art Festival ________.

A. takes place in August
B. has the shortest history

C. draws the most visitors
D. offers the best visual art

23. What is the Edinburgh International Book Festival famous for?

A. Its size.    B. Its events.

C. Its authors.    D. Its host place.


My parents were born in Vancouver-dad in 1909 mom in 1911-and married during the Grea Depression. It was a difficult time that shaped their values and outlook which they taught my ststers and me again and again. "Save some for tomorrow. "Live within your means. Their most important was "Don't run after money as if having fancy clothes or big cars make you better or m important person. "I often think of my parents during the craze of Christmas shopping When we moved to Ontario after the Second World War we were destitute and purchasing me a new coat for winter was a big expense for my family. As I quickly outgrew the coat it was passed on to my twin sister. When she also outgrew it it was given to our younger sister. How many children would accept hand-me-downs from siblings in today's world? How did "throw-away"become part of product design and marketing It was deliberate In a sense wars are effective at getting economies moving and the Second World War pulled Amenca out of the Great Depression. However as the engine of the economy consumption has been made into our way of life. We need things consumed worn out replaced and discarded at an ever-increasing rate. Now we are no longer defined by our social roles such as parents or teachers but a "customers""shoppers"or "consumers. The media remind us daily of how well we're supporting continued economic growth using the Dow Jones average(道琼斯指数). But where is the indication our real status-earth? And does our health not reflect the condition of air water and soil that sustain all life? It's as if they matter only in terms of how much it will cost to maintain or protect them.

How can we have serious discussions about the ecological costs and limits to growth or the need to slow down economies when consumption is seen as the very reason the economy and society exist.

20. What does the author intend to express in the first and second paragraph?

A. How Great Depression affected the life of her family.

B. Her consumption view was greatly influenced by her parents.

C. Her parents had a habit of lecturing to their children.

D. Hand-me-downs from siblings were of good quality.

21. What does the underlined word "destitute" in the second paragraph mean?

A. Generous Devoted C. Poor D. Critical

22. What's the author's attitude towards consumption as way to promote economy

A. Approving    B. Acceptable  

 C. Doubtful    D. Favorable

23. What should people be more concerned about according to the author?

A. The function of consumption as the engine of economy.

B. The difference between two generations concerning consumption.

C. The Dow Jones average reflecting the growth of economy.

D. The environment of the earth that supports all the life.


Charity is simple in theoryA heart warmsa hand reaches outIn practicethoughcharity can become a troubled mix of motives and consequencesGiving can be driven by guiltdutypraiseor perhaps the hope that giving will somehow make up for past cruelty or ignoranceToo little charity is far less than valuableToo much can cause dependence which makes the receiver continuously ask for more

Giving from the heart is goodBut critics have long worried about misdirected charity that does more harm than goodIn his 2012 book“Harmful CharityHow Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help(And How to Solve the Problem)”Robert Luptonan experienced social worker of 40 years of community work in inner-city Atlantaargues that charity must not do for the poor what they can do for themselves

e to emergencies such as natural disastersthe afterward financial aid is greatly welcomeMrLupton advocates it should focus on the development of self-supportingThe task can be carried out viafor instanceoffering microloanshiring local builders and suppliersand trying to found self-supportedlocally owned and operated enterprisesWhat seldom workshe arguesare untargeted handouts from far-off providers and the sudden arrival of inexperienced volunteer-tourists hoping to earn personal reputation by digging wells or mending roofs that locals are perfectly able to take care of themselves

Getting charity right isn’t easyBut from money raising to the boom in volunteering among Millennials(千禧一代)from the increasing worldwide willingness to give to the efforts by charity organizations to become more effective and fruitfulthere is strong evidence that human beings’ ability of taking care of others is growing along with their ability to help without harming

Charity can be as simple as holding the door for a stranger and as complex as a global campaign to get rid of malaria(疟疾)Charity works best when it returns the weak to strength when it helps a small town shaken by a heavy earthquake get back on its feetA successful charity is one that eventually is no longer needed

28. Why have critics worried about misdirected charity?

AIt may do harm to receivers

BIt may cause independence.

CIt can be driven by guilt

DIt can be encouraged by duty

29What can be a proper way to give charity in time of natural disasters?

AHiring far-off volunteers

BDigging wells for victims

CGiving out untargeted handouts

DHelping locals to be self-supported

30What can we learn from paragraph 4?
A. It’s easy to give charity without harming

BMillennials are volunteering to raise money
CPeople’s ability of giving charity is improving

DCharity organizations are spreading all over the world

31What is the main idea of the text

AThe world is in need of charity

BIt's necessary to get charity right

CCharity does more good than harm

DGiving charity is helping ourselves


More than a third of adults in the United States prefer fast-food restaurants and pizza places on any given day. And the higher their income is the more likely they are to do so. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(C.D.C.) has released data on fast food consumption gathered from 2013 to 2016 in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey or NHANES a program that continuously monitors the health and nutritional status of Americans.

Fast food — defined(定义) broadly in the survey as any item obtained from a fast food/pizzaestablishment — is eaten by 37 percent of American adults at some point during the day. Among those who eat fast food 44 percent do so at lunch and 42 percent at dinner. Men are more likely to have fast food at lunch; women are more likely to snack on it. The most enthusiastic consumers are 20 to 39 years old: 45 percent of them eat fast food on any given day. That figure declines sharply with age to 38 percent among people 40 to 59 and to 24 percent among those over age 60.

The high rate among 20 to 39-year-olds was particularly troubling. That period sets the stage for health problems later in life — heart disease dementia(痴呆) and so on. Also this is the group who have kids and they’re setting them up for a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits.

The percentage of adults who ate fast food rose with increasing income. About 32 percent of people who earn less than 130 percent of the US poverty line — $32630 a year for a family of four — ate fast food daily. But 42 percent of people above 350 percent of the poverty line — $112950 a year or more for that size family — were daily consumers.

A report by the C.D.C. in 2013 estimated that American adults consume more than 11 percent of their daily calories from fast food. Fast food is generally high in calories fat and salt a combination that increases the risk for cardiovascular(心血管的) and other diseases. When we hear about a shark attack we’re scared and we avoid that beach. But what we really should be afraid of is double cheeseburgers and French fries.

32. What can we know about American fast food consumers?

 A. Most American adults eat fast food every day.

B. The older they are the more fast food they eat.

C. American women eat fast food mainly at dinner.

D. Almost half the young Americans often eat fast food.

33. Why does fast food do particular harm to young people?

 A. Fast food affects young bodies more harmfully.

B. Fast food has a bad effect on two generations.

C. Fast food causes young people underfeeding.

D. Fast food makes the youth fatter and fatter.

34. What is the US poverty line for a family of four a year?

 A. About $10000.B. About $30000.

C. About $50000.D. About $100000.

35. Which of the following shows the structure of the passage?

(P1 – Paragraph 1 ; P2 – Paragraph 2…)


Four Rules for Successful Plant Cloning

Plant growers have two choices when it comes to starting new plants: growing from seed or plantcloning. And plant clones offer advantages that growing plants from seed can’t offer.   36   and as long as you do the cloning yourself you know who the mother plant is and how your clones will grow yield and get you high. But it’s an art and science to plant cloning.

Take your plant cuttings from a healthy mother plant. Plant cloning gives you genetic copies of your mother plant.   37   your clones get the best start possibly. Avoid using mother plants that are sick or that are plagued with pests.

  38   . Most plant clones prefer temperatures slightly higher than your ideal grow room temperature and they don’t like a day and night cycle with a temperature drop at night. That’s why most growers root their cuttings under lighting that stays on 24 hours a day. The lighting itself creates temperature stabilization. Temperatures between 74-77 degrees F are the range you want.

Clones like high humidity(湿度). Your cuttings need a humid environment in the 75-95% humidity range until they’ve created roots and are able to intake water through them. That’s why many plant cloners use humidity covers.   39   they’ll die.

Use sterile(无菌的) equipment and materials. You already figured out that your scissors knife or other tools for cutting clones has to be clean. But you also want to make sure you trays cloning covers and root zone media are clean and sterile too. Don’t reuse cloning cubes or cloning powders and gels.   40   .

When you follow these plant cloning tips your clone success rate should be nearly 100%.

 A. Start fresh every time

B. Use kind LED lighting

C. Give your plant clones consistent climate

D. Growing from clones you’re sure to have all females

E. If you’re taking 20 clones and seeing only 10 of them survive

F. Until your clones have functioning roots if they’re in dry air

G. If your mother plants are strong healthy and have potent genetics

四.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 10 分)


Mommy! What’s that?three-year-old Avery stared into the cart(购物车).   41   not to hear I scanned the holiday goods with studied concentration and tried to ignore her. Earlier when I thought she wasn’t looking I had   42   a fairy-themed coloring book between the piles of groceries in the cart knowing it would make a big   43   for my bright little sweetheart.

She   44   and asked what it was. I tried to distract her but she refused. She only   45   the glimpse(隐约闪现) of tiny fairy wings teasing her from the cart. Her head full of golden hairs bounced in her   46   . With a deep   47   I pulled the coloring book from its   48   hiding place and handed it over to her. Avery’s blue eyes   49   with excitement. I explained that I was going to give her this as a Christmas   50   and it was supposed to be a   51   .

Her   52   froze. I knew how   53   she always felt when a surprise was destroyed and I worried that she would start   54   right there in the store. Already her lips began to bend downward. Yet when I started to comfort her she   55   me saying she already had lots of presents under the tree. She didn’t really  56   the book on Christmas. Her sweet   57   melted my heart. When had she   58   ? I smiled with pride at her   59   attitude.

At the time Avery hugged the coloring book closer to her chest and announced   60   I need it right NOW!

41. A. PretendingB. AgreeingC. IntendingD. Promising

42. A. discoveredB. slippedC. missedD. lost

43. A. mistakeB. differenceC. surpriseD. choice

44. A. complainedB. respondedC. insistedD. apologized

45. A. dealt withB. kept away fromC. went throughD. focused on

46. A. angerB. shynessC. confusionD. excitement

47. A. sigh      B. breathC. sorrowD. faith

48. A. uselessB. perfectC. emptyD. mystery

49. A. shutB. fadedC. widenedD. opened

50. A. prizeB. rewardC. presentD. reminder

51. A. purposeB. secretC. possibilityD. opportunity

52. A. voiceB. exxxxxpressionC. tearsD. imagination

53. A. terribleB. pleasantC. excellentD. violent

54. A. laughingB. dancingC. singingD. crying

55. A. informedB. questionedC. interruptedD. blamed

56. A. likeB. needC. findD. reserve

57. A. selflessnessB. decisionC. commentD. suggestion

58. A. plannedB. matured   C. returnedD. known

59. A. sensitiveB. childishC. mercifulD. generous

60. A. proudlyB. nervouslyC. gratefullyD. pointedly

五.阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

Modern-day robots are programmed to handle tasks that are   61   (normal) carried out by humans. They are faster and   62   (accurate) than human workers and never ask for a pay rise or take breaks! Robots are also able to work in dangerous situations.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas in the United States say that mobile robots which   63   (create) already are ideal for the job of hospital attendants. These mobile robots store a   64   (detail) map of the hospital in their memory. The robots’ sensors can detect   65   (barrier) and quickly get out of the way. Although these robots cannot go up and down stairs they know   66   to press a button for an elevator.

Researchers at a Massachusetts university are creating a robot that can constantly change its shape according to   67   task it has to do. These robots are called polymorphic robots. Polymorphism   68   (mean) the ability to take different forms. A 3D printer is placed inside the robot to create the desired shape. The entire process of   69   (change) form in this manner is called the rapid printing technology which is fairly common in the car industry to produce complex 3D structures quickly. Once the robot has performed its task it can be melted down and recycled into another useful part   70   the 3D printer.


假设你是李华,你收到了正在学中文的美国笔友 Peter送给你的马克吐温的《汤姆·索亚历险记》( The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)一书,作为回馈,你想送一本能体现中国文化的书请给Peter写一封封电子邮件。






















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