When Sven Van de Wege lost his eyesight to cancer at age six, he was afraid he’d never play video games again.

Today, “Blind Warrior Sven” is a competitive gamer who trounces some of the world’s best players at his favorite game “Street Fighter”. Watching Sven use his razor-sharp gaming instincts to punish his opponents is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

But what will really blow your mind, is how Sven turned his handicap into an advantage that made him a celebrated professional gamer.

After his tragic sight loss, Sven was determined to keep playing video games. His plan was simple, but would take a tremendous amount of discipline. He would start by learning to play “Street Fighter II” using the sound effects of the game alone!

And that was the beginning of Sven’s remarkable journey towards professional gaming. In 2017, at the Sonic Boom Tournament in Madrid, Sven played “Street Fighter V” against Musashi, a world-class gamer.

The crowd exploded into cheers and applause as Blind Warrior Sven used his favorite character “Ken” to defeat his opponent in the first two of a best-of-three match.

“I remember I was so happy when I won my first match.” Sven said, in an interview with Red Bull Esports. “I couldn’t believe I did it. I know it was just one match but it felt like I won the championship.”

What’s amazing about Sven’s first victory is that he’d only been playing “Street Fighter V” for a year when he won the match. Since then, Blind Warrior Sven has become an international icon in the world of gaming. Where did Sven’s uncanny gaming abilities come from Surely, hard work and determination played a role. But there’s also a fascinating scientific phenomenon at work in Sven’s brain.

1. What did Sven do after he lost his eyesight to cancer at the age of six

A. He gave up his plan of training.

B. He decided to keep playing video games.

C. He went to hospital for treatment.

D. He started to design games.

2. How did people feel when knowing Sven became a professional gamer?





3. What caused him to be a competitive gamer

A. His powerful discipline.

B. His perfect use of listening.

C. His strong will and sharp gaming instincts.

D. The audience’s encouragement.

4. What does the text mainly talk about

A. Sven’s unusual abilities.

B. Sven’s childhood.

C. Blind warrior Sven, a world-famous gamer.

D. His favorite game—Street Fighter.



Studying abroad is difficult. Thankfully,there are several apps that make it easier to travel and communicate with family and friends across the ocean, hopefully alleviating (缓解) some of that study abroad anxiety.

Triposo:The App Store has over 142 separate Triposo apps,each one full ofinformation about one tripdestination. Each destination's front page shows the local time,up-to-date currency exchange rate and thetop seven things to do. The\shows addresses of local public transportation stops,grocerystores and currency exchange locations. The\on the city,including a list of annual festivals and suggestions of local food you have to try before you leave. And eachTriposo app is available offline,so you don't need Wi-Fi to plan your trip throughout the day !

Evernote:Thanks Evernote,for being the greatest app ever. Use it to record lectures and take notes inclass,make grocery lists and create to-do lists for your travel destination. Save your travel routes,hotelinformation and address of the closest coffee shop right to your phone for easy access when you' re onthe go.

Viber:While WhatsApp is the more popular app for overseas communication,Viber takes it a step further in terms of functionality, This app uses Wi-Fi,so you can text and even make calls while you' reaway. The sound quality is different from a regular phone call, but it is very clear.

Foodspotting:Hungry in a new city? Check your Foodspotting app-it scans your locationfor photosand reviews of good food in your area. Foodspotting offers recommendations based on your location,so youcan choose from lots of delicious foods nearby.

Google Translate:lf I had a superpower, I would speak every Language. But until that day comes, Google Translate is the way to go. Don't be dumb when you’re in a new country. Know what you want to say when you get to the coffee shop. Don' t just point and say it shyly in English–zero people will likeyou. Get out that Google translate on your way there,figure out what you want to say,practice yourpronunciation,and walk in confidently.


1. What do Triposo and Evernote have in common?

A. They can give you a list of annual festivals.

B. Help you plan your trip.

C. They can be used for your classroom studies.

D. Help you make grocery lists.

2. How does Foodspotting help you to have delicious food nearby?

A. By taking notes of your routine.

B. By transferring good foods to your room.

C. By making regular phone calls.

D. By scanning your location.

3. While in a new country,with the help of Google Translate,we're advised to __________.

A. teach local people English

B. speak English with local people

C. talk to local people in their language

D. make local people understand our language



For people, many other animals, family matters. Consider how many jobs go to relatives. Or how an ant will cruelly attack intruder(入侵的) ants but rescue injured, closely related nest-mates. There are good evolutionary reasons to aid relatives, after all. Now, it seems, family feelings may stir in plants as well.

A Canadian biologist planted the seed of the idea more than a decade ago, but many plant biologists regarded it as heretical—plants lack the nervous systems that enable animals to recognize kin(家族), so how can they know their relatives? But with a series of recent findings, the belief that plants really do care for their most genetically close peers—in a quiet, planty way—is taking root. Some species control how far their roots spread, others change how many flowers they produce, and a few tilt(倾斜) or shift their leaves to minimize shading of neighboring plants, favoring related individuals.

“We need to recognize that plants not only sense whether it’s light or dark or if they’ve been touched, but also whom they are interacting with,” says Susan Dudley, a plant evolutionary ecologist, whose early plant kin recognition studies sparked the interest of many scientists.

Beyond broadening views of plant behavior, the new work may have a practical side. In September 2018, a team in China reported that rice planted with kin grows better, a finding that suggested family ties can be used to improve crop yields. “It seems anytime anyone looks for it, they find a kin effect,” says Andre Kessler, a chemical ecologist at Cornell University.

1.Why are ants mentioned in the first paragraph?

A.To show how cruel ants are to their enemies.

B.To lay foundation for the idea of plants’ family feelings.

C.To introduce the topic of how family matters to animals.

D.To explain why people usually give more jobs to their relatives.

2.Which of the following words has the closest meaning to the underlined word “heretical”?

A.Indescribable. B.Understandable. C.Impossible. D.Traditional.

3.What may be the plants’ way of expressing their care for relatives?

A.They stop producing flowers to avoid competition.

B.They spread their roots far so as to protect their peers.

C.They care for their injured peers by silently taking roots.

D.They move their leaves to share sunlight with their close peers.

4.What can be inferred from the text?

A.Different plants mustn’t be planted together.

B.Corn planted with corn can produce more than that with rice.

C.China has put the idea into wide practice and achieved great success.

D.The closer rice is planted with their relatives the more they will produce.


        Noise-cancelling audio instruments have been around for a while nowbut one Berlin-based designer believes that blocking “visual noise” is as importantif not more soas cancelling out unwanted sounds.To this end he has created a simple accessory called the Focus Cap.

Open work spaces definitely have their benefitsbut they come with the drawback of offering employees little to no control over visual distractions(干扰).With so many people around and so much going onsome of us can easily get disturbed by this information overload and lose focus in what’s really important.That’s where the Focus Cap comes into play.

“As we are still cavemen or mammals kept in an unnatural environmentI believe that only by reclaiming(收回) the normalstress-free human state through simple tools and techniques can we finally release our actual creative potential and create our meaningful work for a brighter future”says German designer Hannes Greblininventor of the Focus Cap.

After looking at other products designed at minimizing visual distractionsGreblin decided that most of them were either too expensive or too uncomfortable to become mainstreamso he decided to go with something much simpler —a simple cap with a retractable visor(可伸缩的帽沿).

Greblin’s Focus Cap is really straightforward.You just wear it like a regular cap’ with the sides of the visor retractedand just collapse the sides whenever you need to focus on what’s ahead of you.Whether you’re trying to focus on a task in an open work office.Trying to study at universityor practicing yoga in a park and trying to ignore stares from strangersthe Focus Cap can help.

To be honestthis whole project sounds like a jokebut the Focus Cap does have its own website where people interested in this unusual accessory can actually sign up for updates on when it will go on sale.Greblin claims it will cost 30 euros($37)plus shipping.

1.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A.When to use the Focus Cap

B.How to operate the Focus Cap

C.The Focus Cap—an ordinary accessory

D.The Focus Cap—a visual-cancelling accessory

2.Why did Greblin create the Focus Cap?

A.To help people focus. B.To develop intelligence.

C.To make people comfortable. D.To release creative potential.

3.What do we know about the Focus Cap?

A.It’s expensive. B.It’s simple.

C.It’s delicate. D.It’s complex.

4.From the text we can infer that ________.

A.The Focus Cap simply blocks unwanted sounds

B.The Focus Cap can only be used in the office

C.Greblin is confident about the future of his product

D.The Focus Cap has been on sale in quantity


49.题目 :My Life in 2035



                   Sad but Beautiful

        Last night one of my Chinese friends took me to a concert of Chinese folk music.The piece

which was played on the erhu especially moved me.The music was strangely beautiful, but under

the beauty I sensed a strong sadness and pain.The piece had a simple name, Erquan Y7ngyue (Moon

Reflected on Second Spring), but it was one of the most moving pieces of music that I've ever

heard.The erhu sounded so sad that I almost cried along with it as I listened.Later I looked up the

history ofErquan Y7ngyue, and I began to understand the sadness in the music.

       The music was written by Abing, a folk musician who was bom in the city of Wuxi in

1893.His mother died when he was very young.Abing's father taught him to play many musical

instruments, such as the drums, dizi and erhu, and by age 17, Abing was known for his musical

ability.However, after his father died, Abing's life grew worse.He was very poor.Not only that, he

developed a serious illness and became blind.For several years, he had no home.He lived on the

streets and played music to make money.Even after Abing got married and had a home again, he

continued to sing and play in the city streets.He performed in this way for many years.

      Abing's amazing musical skills made him very popular during his lifetime.By the end of

his life, he could play over 600 pieces of music.Many of these were written by Abing himself.It

is a pity that only six pieces of music in total were recorded for the future world to hear, but his

popularity continues to this day.Today, Abing's Erquan Yingyue is a piece which all the great erhu

masters play and praise.It has become one of China's national treasures.Its sad beauty not only

paints a picture of Abing's own life but also makes people recall their deepest wounds from their

 own sad or painful experiences.














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